The Murder of Eleana Coriel

Festus the Scribe

UP: Sonoma

    A few days ago a group of adventurers met at the Journey's End tavern to attempt to help Marisa Mordin discover what had happened to her foster mother, Eleana Coriel. In the tavern, as the good people waited for the messenger to come, paying their respects to Eleana's grave, a rustle was heard, and from the gloom a man in armor came into view. Marisa, seeing this figure, rose to her feet saying "Hail Deamon, come speak with us?" The Guard Deamon came to stand among the gathering and was asked if he had found anything in relation to Eleana’s disappearence.

Deamon responded, "Indeed I have found a lead.” He then paused for a moment, as if to gather his thoughts. "It seems that a man in Vesper, a trapper to be exact, was the last to see Eleana," he said. Marisa and the group were on the edges of their seats when Marisa finally spoke, "Out with it, man! Who was it?" Deamon looked around as if checking if any were spying on him and replied, “The man is named Nexu Freeno. He is a trapper in the area." The party pressed Deamon for information on a location of this Nexu and upon finding out that he was seen in the Counselor's Guild Hall in Vesper, they departed en masse.

It was true Nexu was in the Counselor's Guildhall, and the look upon his face made it seem as if he had expected the group’s arrival. The man seemed overly nervous and fidgeted a great deal as he told of the last time he had seen Eleana - in his cabin before he went to hunt for some food. While hunting he was attacked by what he described as "mud men", which the group later learned were Earth Elementals.

The group inquired what had happened to him and were astonished to hear his answer. Nexu explained that he had run like a scared child, with little thought to Eleana, until he was safe in town. The adventurers asked him to lead them to the spot where the elementals were seen last, and he hesitantly agreed. The group soon arrived in a clearing, and as soon as Nexu had confirmed the location, the ground shook as earth elementals emerged from below.

The creatures seemed to be attacking anything and anyone, until one spotted Marisa and the whole group centered on her. Marisa’s brave companions used magic to hide her while they battled the beasts, finally dispatching the lot of them. In the remains, several of their number discovered tattered manuscripts. As the tomes were laid before Marisa her face became deathly pale, and all those who read the text after her looked equally distressed. The books were labeled "Orders", and read : “Go forth and kill Eleana Coriel and when that is completed kill the wench Marisa Mordin and our pact will be fulfilled.” Most startling of all was the name that was signed at the end, "Dlomor Jurma". Could this be a relative of the dead Judge Jurma that attempted to shut down the Tavern?

Their task done for the moment, the adventurers escorted Marisa back to the tavern. As the group settled into chairs around the main table, Marisa spoke, “This is truly terrible news, and I will contact the guard Deamon to see what he can find out for me."