Announcing "The Championship Horse-Racing League"


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    Hail Friends,

After many sleepless nights, and countless hours of debate, I am pleased to present to you, the agreed upon format for “The Championship Horse-Racing League”.

To begin, each season in the league will run for a total of seven weeks. The first six weeks of every season will be open to all that are interested, up to the thirty-six maximum. The seventh week, The Race of Champions, will be restricted to only those who have qualified through previous weeks of racing, and will serve to determine the season’s ultimate victor.

What follows is the format for each of the six weekly races, not counting the Race of Champions:

Title: The Championship Horse-Racing League – Season One
Location: Skara Brae Race Tracks, 56o 46’S 35o 26’W, in Trammel, visible off the main road to Skara
When: This Thursday, and every Thursday, at 8pm PST

As previously mentioned, each week the races will be limited to only thirty-six racers so it is highly suggested that you show up early to secure a slot.

First Round (Total of 36 Racers):

Those thirty-six racers will be divided into six groups of six, with each group running three heats of two laps each. The winners of each heat in a group will advance to the second round.

Second Round (Total of 18 Racers):

The eighteen remaining racers will be split into three groups of six. Each group will run two heats of three laps each. The winners of each heat in a group will advance to the third round.

Third Round (Total of 6 Racers):

The six racers will be split into three groups of two. Each group will run a best, two out of three heat series, with each heat consisting of two laps. The winner of each group will advance to the final round.

Final Round (Total of 3 Racers):

The format for the Final round will be subject to change each week, and for that reason will not be disclosed prior to the event.

Prizes for each week will include:

1st Place: 10k – Qualified for the Race of Champions
2nd Place: 5k – Qualified for the Race of Champions
3rd Place: 2.5k – Qualified for the Race of Champions

Plus, anything else we are able to scavenge throughout the week, from sets of armor to tattered treasure maps. As well as the obligatory mention in the next printing of the BNN.

Details regarding the Race of Champions, and prizes offered for that event, will be announced at a later date.

I thank you all for your interest, and look forward to seeing you down at the track! May the best rider win!

Your Friend,