Lord Wilhaim and Maxarius Slain

Zarkhon Xenoc

UP: Pacific

    Several mighty warriors, wizards and other sorts gathered at the temple on Fire Island in what would turn out to be a magnificent battle. The town criers had announced that Lord Lorack had finally discovered where Wilhaim was meeting with his followers and to seek him out at the King’s Men Theatre in Britain on the Trammel facet. After listening to his tale, they gathered up their belongings and Felucca stones and headed out to face this great evil.

After the mighty battle a few days ago Lord Wilhaim, his followers and Maxarius were defeated. Many a brave adventurer fell to the might of the two leaders and their evil followers. Daemons, Lich Lords and many types of powerful elementals were among the minions summoned by Maxarius.

Early on in the battle things looked grim as those who came to face Lord Wilhaim, Maxarius and their subjects were dealt many losses. It brought great joy to those gathered when early into the battle Lord Wilhaim was slain. Upon seeing Wilhaim slain, Maxarius was outraged and summoned forth several Daemons and Elementals and the battle once again looked grim for the heroes. After much effort, one of the followers was slain, leaving only Maxarius and another follower still standing, as well as several minions.

It was truly an incredible battle which seemed to last forever. Finally, with much effort, those gathered managed to slay Maxarius, leaving only a scattered group of followers. However, as the last bit of life left Maxarius’ bloody corpse, hordes of evil creatures seemed to pour forth from the ground. Daemons, Blood Elementals, Poison Elementals and Lich Lords rose up to surround the stalwart adventurers.