Undead Attempt Takeover Of Britain Crossroads

Cara Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    Greetings readers! Cara Newsman here with another late breaking story. In the news today an attempt by hordes of undead and their minions to take over the crossroads west of Britain. Having returned from a Wine Tasting party in Yew, my ears caught the sound of wails and moans on the wind. The crunch of steel on bone also came to me, so I whipped out pen and parchment and hurried to the scene.

Undead were scattered all over the area of the crossroads. Zombies trailing decaying flesh clumped along behind skeletons who rattled swords up against their bony chests. Fireballs flew from the fingertips of skeletal mages while skeletal knights hacked their way through anything that stood in front of them. Lich lords raised up mummies, wraiths and liches and turned the native trees into horrifying reapers.

Folk from the nearby towns of Britain, Yew and Skara Brae were battling against the undead. Fierce battle cries echoed in the air along with commands for the dead to return from whence they came. Great flashes of magic rent the air as lighting bolts tore through the army. Meteors fell from the sky to slam into the walking dead with ground jarring impacts.

The moans of the undead mingled with the cries of the living as souls were separated from their bodies. Healers ran around trying to restore the links of body and soul while others fought to push back the ever encroaching undead. Ravens and crows sat amidst the branches of the trees cheering on the fighting with their raucous calls - but which side they were cawing for was known only to them.