Captain Diego Arrested!

Donovan, Reporter

UP: Great Lakes

    Captain Diego, who has been on the run from the law for over two months, was arrested by a small group of bounty hunters, after a lengthy search. Though none of the adventurers were available for comment, rumors persisted that Teleburiel, the Demonhunter who was interviewed recently over the near-war between Nujelím and Moonglow, set the search in motion. I found Teleburiel within Monastery Thurisaz, high atop the Serpentís Spine mountains, north of Britain. He had this to say:

"Aye, I did begin the hunt for Captain Diego. I am glad that the bounty Hunters managed to capture him, though I gather with some difficulty. I was gambling that Diego knew something about Acruvirís mysterious master. I was wrong. So far as I can tell, the pirate knows nothing of the inner workings of this conspiracy. Though Diegoís capture does not, as it turns out, serve my interests directly, he has been brought to justice. And that serves us all. My thanks to those who captured this criminal."

Diegoís trial is set for next month. Watch this space for news of the verdict.