Dlormor's Last Stand

Nutle Dorm

UP: Sonoma

    It was a humid evening; Marisa Mordin waited in her tavern for the appointed time of the meeting. Then as evening approached, her nerves at their end, people started to arrive. Many unknown faces were seen that night in the Journey's End tavern. The few turned into many and then into an army!

Many guilds were present putting aside their warring for one cause, to rid this world of Dlormor Jurma. They gathered around Marisa in anticipation of her words. Marisa stood and told the history to the new people there who were unaware of what had transpired. It seemed that the friendship and love that Eleana planted in the tavern was still there, for whether they were a Scoundrel or Glorious Lord, they were there for the same purpose.

Many long time friends greeted Marisa and others they had not seen in a while. Yet what had transpired and what was still to come overshadowed this. Many could be seen looking at the group of people and wondering ' who will not survive this day?'

Marisa stood seemingly transfixed until Garot Tongarth called her back from where she was by speaking her name. Marisa shook her head to clear the thoughts and said, "Good friends, today we meet the one who has killed Eleana and tried to kill me." She paused. "Many have come to my aid before and know that I only wish to end this, and continue operating the tavern." She seemed to survey the group and her face grew long. "I know what you sacrifice this evening for myself and Eleana…" she attempted to smile, "but know this, your dead will not be forgotten in this world or the next!"

Marisa turned to a man dressed all in black "Garot, my friend, will you be my emissary for this battle? For I fear for my life" Garot responded "Aye, M'lady if it be your wish."

"Aye it is my wish" Marisa said.

She searched in her pack and came up with two runes "These are for an area close to the Oasis in the lost lands, I was told it was safe." she handed them to Garot.

Garot and the party left for the lost lands. They reached the spot marked and headed for the meeting place. Apprehension rose as they approached for it was said that Dlormor was meeting some Elemental Lords for some pact he was proposing.

The Group was prepared for almost everything, they had warriors, mages, dragons and even thieves on their side, but when they came around the last bend many stopped in their tracks. One warrior was heard calling for his god to save him, for before them laid an army of elementals!

Off in the distance they could see Dlormor Jurma and three elemental's, what looked to be an earth elemental, a sand elemental and a mud elemental. But before they could survey the area for long they were spotted by Dlormor "You fools, you brought them here! Kill them now!" The Elemental Lords made some noises and the army started to advance on the group.

Many a Brave soul was scared beyond belief and hid themselves at first. But seeing their comrades fighting, they joined in the melee. The world was turned into one of flashing metal and screams. The heroes fought the masses with a passion that only comes from battle fever. Then as they became weary, BreeOge and his guild arrived to help relieve some of the warriors.

Dlormor Jurma was seen killing a warrior and the group seemed to gain renewed strength and pushed to his location. Dlormor was calling for help but it was cut down before any help could be diverted to him. This, however, did not stop the elementals from their attack. The battle waged on for what seemed like an eternity. Many a hero lost their lives in the battle, some returned from the other world with the help of healers while some did not.

Upon defeating the elementals the group of heroes tended to the injured and dead. They returned to the Tavern looking worn out.

Marisa saw them coming and was frightened that the battle went very badly, she rushed to the first person and asked, "Is all lost? Did we lose? Are all dead?"

"Nay, many did give their lives. But we were victorious!" the warrior stated.

Marisa sighed and started to tend to the injured. She ushered all into the tavern to hear of the battle. She listened as they told their stories. When all was known she stood up spoke "I cannot begin to thank you all properly but know this, your sacrifice, will allow this tavern to once again flourish." she continued "I will be in your debt and I hope to make this tavern great once again."

"My thanks to the guilds who helped me the Army of Golgatha (AoG), Knights of the Inquisition (KoI) and the other to whom were too many to mention.”

On the 28th of October at 7pm (PST) in the Journey's End tavern, Marisa Mordin will hold a hunt. Come and see what they will hunt! Additionally there will be a renaming on the Journey's end tavern in the Memory of Eleana Coriel; it was suggested that it should be named "Eleana's Rest".