Another Day In the Pit

Ermin the Herald of the Pit

UP: Drachenfels

    It was the week’s end again, and people were gathering to watch the second gladiator games in the city of Jhelom. A good number of the gathered warriors had decided to take part in the games as gladiators and they gathered at the east building of the Jhelom Pit where the Curator of the games was waiting for them.

At the entrance there was a white book with the title “Gladiator Rules and Regulations”. In it were listed all the rules for the gladiator games. Any interested in participating in the games as gladiators were suggested to read the tome, and to observe the rules therein.

After the gladiators read the rules in the white book they were ready to enter the east building where the Curator was waiting to write their names in the list of the gladiators participating in the night’s games.

After the list was full, the Curator proceeded to choose two gladiators for each fight. The gladiators chosen to fight had to step forward, to the entrance of the Arena. There they waited for the Munerator to announce the beginning of the fight, and then used all the weapons they had to fight each other until one of the lay dead at the other’s feet. Often the fights were long and grueling, as both of the gladiators were experienced warriors.

The fights continued for long time, round after round, until only two gladiators remained. These two brave warriors went in the Arena knowing that only one could be the victor of the games - but they were ready to fight with honor. The fight was a fair fight and at the end one gladiotor stood over the body of his rival in the Pit: Lady Penelope.

As Victor of the Second Gladiatorial games the Lady Penelope was overwhelmed by the excitement, knowing that she would be known all over Britannia for her courage and for her skill as gladiator. The rewards heaped upon her for her victory were the coronation of a wonderful day for Lady Penelope: she had the honor to have her name written in the History of Champions and a small bust representing Lady Penelope was placed in the Hall of the Victors. She also received a nice piece of the Auctorati’s Armor and she will have the honor to sit during the next gladiator games near the Munerator and his Lady.