Bizzare Weather Sweeps Across The Lost Lands

Durath Kreel

UP: Sonoma

    From Hailstorms in Delucia to raining toads in Papua, a rash of bizarre weather has swept across the Lost Lands this week. Townsfolk were baffled, and all fingers pointed to Saul the Mad, a hermit that has been seen in the Y'Nah Teb as of late, and who was known to be working on a weather altering spell.

These suspicions were confirmed when his corpse was found by a group of adventurers heading towards the Terrathan keep, crushed beneath a landslide caused by the erratic weather patterns.

Sadly, his quest to return the Y'Nah Teb to a lush grassland did not come to pass, but instead resulted in massive sandstorms that raged across the desert, and claimed the lives of many an unwary traveler.

Residents of Papua are still picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the recent toad rainstorm there. The only casualties of the strange phenomenon were a recently wed couple enjoying their honeymoon in the quaint jungle village, when a giant toad fell from the sky and crashed through the roof of