Trouble Afoot

Sammi Hushenhoy

UP: Pacific

    This account was gathered last evening at the Horseís Head Tavern in Jhelom. I was enjoying a fine pint of ale when the guards dropped this poor fellow off with me. Is this a drunken manís day dream or a real live nightmare? More news as it develops. Citizens are asked to keep their eyes open for Cirrus Ferban as he is unaccounted for and may have more details of what happened.

"T'were judda udder nigh me and olí Cirrus werí just minden our own business down at da Cemetary of Jhelom. We didna mean no harm, I mean they be dead they donít need nuffin. Anyways.. we found this nice un all fresh and done up real nice. We was sure there'd be riches inside. Well when we popped dat there casket open a heed fell out! T'was most disgusting I tell ye, Poor olí Cirrus lost his supper all over someoneís burial.