Mongbat Attacks Reach Plague Proportions


UP: Great Lakes

   Due to an abundance of food in the wilds, the Mongbat population of Britannia has reached a very significant level. Game wardens have attempted to control the numbers of these small creatures, but to no avail. Small groups of these bat-like creatures were little threat to experienced travelers, so they have largely gone unnoticed. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Sometime in the last week, the Mongbatís food supply has run out.

This became painfully obvious, recently, when massive flocks of Mongbats, each often numbering well over a thousand individuals, have attacked parts of our realm in a starvation-crazed frenzy. The worst of these attacks to date, occurred when Mongbat swarms simultaneously descended upon Skara Brae, the mountains near Covetus, and upon Vesper.

The flock spotted near Covetus was apparently either returning, or departing from the disused mine. Many adventurers gathered, and eradicated the swarm just outside the entrance.

The smallest flock attacked the Vesper Graveyard, where the Mongbats dug up graves, in an attempt to devour the bodies of the recently deceased. They, too, were stopped by warriors.

The heaviest toll came in Skara Brae, where a massive swarm of Mongbats attempted to devour the farmerís crops. The fighting here was fierce, as Mongbats dragged warriors from their steeds, and slew them with sheer weight of numbers. In one case, literally, as a spearman was smothered by the press of Mongbat corpses that swarmed about him, and then dispatched as he lay unconscious and vulnerable. The flesh was quickly stripped from the brave manís bones, and was devoured by the swarm. Casualties here were heavy, exceeding half a dozen. Eventually, however, the Mongbats were dispersed, thanks to strategic use of Fire Fields.

Yet, it is not over. Even more flocks of Mongbats have been spotted. They blacken the skies with their leathery bodies. Citizens beware! Despite their reputation as harmless creatures, Mongbats are dangerous, in significant numbers!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, October 25th 2000