Strange Ruins Spotted in the Lost Lands

Durath Kreel

UP: Sonoma

 A search was launched this past Wednesday to seek out the ancient ruins rumored to have been uncovered by recent sandstorms in the Lost Lands. Scouting parties are reporting back that these old ruins do indeed exist, and an expedition is being mounted by Robyn ap Mir, noted Archeologist and Scholar, to explore them in force. She believes these ruins may be remnants of the tribe known as the Kanur, and may even hold clues to their dissapearance.

Adventurers wishing to assist in this endeavour are asked to meet Robyn at her home in Britain (Felluca) at 8PM o' the clock (Pacific) on Monday night. A map is attached for those not knowing the locale of Robyn's home. Adventurers should come properly prepared, for the ruins are in a most inhospitable locale in the Y'Nah Teb.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, October 29th 2000