The Lair Awaits - Al'Cedra's Challenge

Bethsainda Ariachaas

UP: Europa

    How time flies, dear reader! It seems like only yesterday that many brave heroes pursued the sash of Master of the Word, overcoming the challenges put forth by the ancient dragon AlíCedra. The first Master of the Word, Dogei Matur, was there to present the sash to the young Misha And one, who won the coveted title for the month of October. It was not an easy road, but one not fraught with danger, as it was merely a challenge of mental prowess. Not so this time, I fear, dear reader. This time, AlíCedraís son, AlíNorin, runs the quest, and his is the way of the sword.

Upon the evening of the 30th, shall there be let loose in the land the dragons of war. They shall wander throughout the countryside, near the shrines, and you shall know them by their strangeness. They must be destroyed, and upon their destruction, will you find the way to follow. So said AlíNorin when a small band of adventurers came across him yesterday. As last time, it seems that only the first 24 to arrive at the endpoint will be admitted to the lair. Expect that it will be difficult. Expect to have your brain and your wit taxed, dear reader, but best bring your sharpest sword, and your best armor too!