A Darkness Descends

Kalidan the Scribe

UP: Pacific

    It was to be a night filled with chaos and violence. Many of our land’s brave warriors and mages had gathered to watch over the roads between Skara and Britain. Over the past few nights a mysterious black shape had been seen wandering this area, stalking travelers on the roadway. The beast had come to be known as Blight, and it had left its mark upon the region like a plague, killing or maiming all that had come across it. The defenders of the realm were resilient in their mission to destroy this menace at any cost.

They were ill-prepared, however, when the horde of black drakes broke through the forest, led by the great shadow beast Blight. The vile creatures made short work of the would-be heroes in the first melee. Greater than half the men were rendered asunder, tossed carelessly aside by the colossal Blight and his minions.

Shortly after the first waylay, the brave warriors regrouped and staged an offensive strike. However, with a raucous screech Blight called his “brothers” to aid in the battle, and the sky was soon filled with drakes and dragons on the wing. The war was long and bloody, but in the end, the gathered mages and warriors had cleared the roadway of any threat.

But the vile nightmare, Blight, had gone missing near the end of the conflict – several scouts reporting that he had been seen flying back into the depths of Destard.