Philanthropist to Graciously Build Fairgrounds Near Skara Brae

Lilia Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    In a most gracious offer, Andrew Jollier of Magincia has offered to build a fairground for the people of Sosaria. Andrew Jollier, a quiet man and until now relatively unknown, has come into an inheritance that he wishes to use to better the lives of the people of Sosaria. When I spoke to him about why he was offering up the funds for the construction he had this to say. “With the recent turmoil, I felt it would do the people good to have a common gathering place in the tranquility of the woods. It would be a place where grand fairs and festivals could be held, where all would be welcome to attend. I have little need of this gold which was bequeathed to me, so I felt this was a good way to spend it all.”