Destructive “Salamander” Dead at Last

Tim Armstrong, Ranger of Britannia

UP: Napa Valley

The quest to put an end to “the salamander’s” destructive attacks ended last night. The first attempt to accomplish this was a peaceful one. Warriors from the town of Liberalis in Trammel undertook a perilous journey to Felucca, through the northern desert in the new lands, so that they may try and talk the dragon out of doing any more harm. Rangers hidden near the dragon’s nest in the fire dungeon observed these negotiations for more than an hour, but the dragon was as stubborn as only an old dragon could be. At the end of the talks, the beast remained adamant that it would hunt where it wants, when it wants, and that it would spare no human lives in the process, if provoked. Just as the negotiations were failing, a man calling himself Alucard emerged from a gate with an ice wyrm following him. Although he was not affiliated with the group from Liberalis, he saw the salamander as an obvious threat, and sent his ice wyrm after the fire dragon. It is theorized that the ice wyrm’s affinity for cold was able to offset The Salamander’s impressive regenerative abilities. As a result, the salamander was easily killed, as it was unable to defend itself.