A Petition to the High Court of Britannia

The Guild Master of the Vesper Merchant Guild

UP: Drachenfels

    The Vesper Merchant Guild Master, to the High Court of Britannia, to the Mayor of Vesper, to the counts, and to all the servants, bailiffs, judges, and other ministers of Vesper, my greetings.

In your solicitude and prudence be it known to you that the Merchant Guild of Vesper presents this document to request the High Court decree and establish in honor of our glorious town Vesper on the Trammel Facet a faire for gathering together once at the mass all the merchants dwelling in our kingdom and those coming from beyond the seas.

This gathering should be near the Adventurers Supplies in the north of Vesper on Trammel Facet and you, our officials for this market, and all the citizens of our kingdom, shall know of this market, and especially those who come from beyond the sea to the port of Vesper to buy wine, honey, magic weapons, ore or anything else.

Also we request that the fair shall last for an entire evening, and the merchants of Yew, Minoc, Britain, Moonglow and other cities shall be able to go there. And we wish and firmly command that no merchant dare to transact business in the neighborhood of Vesper except in the fair we have established in honor of the Vesper Town. If any one should do so let him pay a fine to me and to the Merchant Guild.

And in order that this request of ours may be more strictly observed both now and in the future in that place, we have ordered this charter to be sealed below with our seal and we have signed it with our hand.