Revelations Revealed

Rynstal Volman

UP: Pacific

    My sleep had been restless due to talking with the gentleman, Lord Aurelius. My mind was still full of many questions as to why he was viewing the Great Horns Tavern and the purpose he was serving for the person he named Lord Hobart. Today, though I was about to discover the answers.

I moved quickly in preparation to meet Lord Aurelius and thus I arrived with no one around. I looked around the Great Horns Tavern remembering fonder times when the Tavern was full of patrons while Ben Kahns served them all with his witty comments and beaming smile. Now though, the Tavern had fallen into some decay and dust had settled on the countertop. The gate to the Galleaus Theatre had recently been unlocked but it still awaited an audience. Shaking my head I went and sat down at one of the tables awaiting for the stranger to arrive.

I sat, thinking of the past times of this great Tavern when a voice spoke to me. I looked up and there he was, Lord Aurelius. The stranger that I had spoken to briefly the day before. He was attired in the finest silks and the air about him told me that he was one not to take lightly. Knowing somewhat of how the Magincian Nobles treated the rest of the realm I was suprised that such a person would speak with me, but that was soon explained.

"I am glad that ye were able to return today, young man, as I could tell that ye were interested into my being here." He smiled at me as he sat down at my table and asked, "So, young man, what is thy name? Tis best to know to whom one speaks in these troubled times." "My name is Rynstal Volman, sir, a merchant from Britain." He nodded his head upon hearing my name and then spoke, "As I mentioned to thee before, I am Lord Marseni Volansis Aurelius of the Noble House Melin, steward of Lord Augustus Trelanis Hobart of the Noble House Methis of Sacred Magincia. So, sir, what questions do ye have of me as my time is short. I have much to do and very little time to do it."

Quickly I delved into the questions that bothered me the most. "Who is Lord Hobart and why his interest in the Great Horns Tavern?" Lord Aurelius looked at me oddly but sensing the validity of my question he answered. "Lord Hobart is one of the members of the Magincian Parliament and is deeply respected within this great city. I am suprised that ye did not know of this, but in these troubled times it is understandable that such things can be forgotten by the masses. As for his interest in the Great Horns, he is the owner of this Tavern."

"But what of Ben Kahns?" I responded, "I know he has not been seen for many months, but does he not have any say in this?" Lord Aurelius shaked his head, "Nay, Ben Kahns was but a cook that Lord Hobart hired to look after his Tavern. Ben Kahns left long ago to spend time with his wife Lissa and since that time the Tavern has fallen into hard times and has been very slow. It was with a heavy heart that I took Ben Kahn's resignation but I could understand his reasons."

I thought about this for a bit and realized the importance of this individual and of why the name of Lord Hobart sounded familiar to my ears. "May I ask what you are proposing in doing with this Tavern and to why you were in Trammel?" Lord Aurelius regarded me for a moment and then responded, "Soon many shall hear of this and it will be common knowledge. With that in mind I shall tell ye what should set your mind at ease." My eyes began to widen as I listened to his words, "As I mentioned before, since Ben Kahns resigned the Tavern has seen its business decline and this does not please Lord Hobart at all. Furthermore the coming of Minax has brought a climatic change to the realm and has created an uneasiness within the city. For now she remains silent but we all know her intent. This realm has become one of turmoil and unrest and it could erupt at any moment. Lord Hobart is afraid that this turmoil might spread into the streets of Magincia and thus feels more secure in moving his holdings to Trammel. It is with this thought in mind that he has ordered me to seek the costs of purchasing land in Trammel and of moving his Tavern there. It is his hopes that the Tavern shall propser once again in a market that is more favourable to the general populace. If all goes well, the transactions should go smoothly and the Tavern will once again be open for business."

I stared in wonder as I attempted to grasp the meanings of what Lord Aurelius had spoken but I did manage one more question, "Will Ben Kahns be coming back to run the Tavern?" Lord Aurelius shook his head, "No, Ben has retired to spend time with his wife. The man had many side projects on the go and I am certain that they shall keep him busy, let alone keeping Lissa busy as well. But do not concern thyself with such matters. Lord Hobart has already arranged for his niece to take over the Great Horns Tavern and run it. I am certain that ye shall see her wandering about the Tavern making sure everything is going smoothly. As for now, I must take my leave and make the proper arrangements. I wish thee a good day. Fare thee well."

And with that Lord Aurelius left the Tavern heading towards the Parliament building. I sat there finishing off the last of my ale thinking of how this will affect the realm and above all who this niece of Lord Hobart's was.

Rynstal Volman,