Great Horns Tavern Construction Underway

Rynstal Volman, Traveling Merchant

UP: Pacific

    It has been a busy few days in the city of Magincia with the sounds of hammers and saws filling the air. It is a sound that is not heard very often in this majestic city, but the task that this crew has undertaken is of great importance to the populace as a whole. The Great Horns Tavern is being torn down and relocated upon the orders of Lord Hobart and under the direction of Lord Aurelius.

Upon finalizing the paperwork for the relocation of the Tavern, Lord Aurelius spared no time in hiring men to tear down the furnishings of the Great Horns Tavern as well as securing transport of the goods to Trammel. The constant flurry of activity has caught the attention of many people wandering the streets, as they stop to watch the men doing their various tasks.

Many have questioned the validity of Lord Hobart’s actions and his reasons for moving the Tavern, but Lord Aurelius has kept firm to his Lord’s desires. “Lord Hobart has seen a great decline in business here since the retirement of Ben Kahns. Due to the present conditions of the Tavern, along with the growing problems within Felucca itself, Lord Hobart desires to move his belongings to a more secure area and give the Tavern an opportunity to thrive.”

From listening to conversations concerning the relocation of the Great Horns Tavern, it appears that the required architectural work should not take very long. This due to the amount of men that were hired for the task, and of course due to Lord Hobart’s position within the Magincian Parliament and his abundant resources.

As I was about to leave I heard a reporter ask a very interesting question, “When will the construction be complete and will there be a Grand Re-Opening of the Tavern?” I looked towards Lord Aurelius as he answered, “The construction itself should be completed within a few days, as it is of utmost importance to Lord Hobart to have it finished quickly. As for a Grand Re-Opening of the Great Horns Tavern, that is being discussed and worked upon, but for now I shall remain silent on such matters.” With that, he turned and walked back into the Tavern, most likely to view the work being done.