Brigands Stage Ambush West of Britain!

Cara Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    In the news today, an ambush by a group of brigands at the crossroads west of Britain pass. A barricade was set up across the road and brigands were hiding in the surrounding trees. Returning from a conference in Skara Brae, the sounds of battle caught my attention. Pulling out quill and parchment, I moved into the trees to see what was going on.

Hordes of brigands were scattered through the trees, attacking anything that happened to pass by. They even taunted the fighters by calling out for guards and declaring that murder was being done. The fighting ranged all over the area. I found a tree to climb near a barricade they had erected and began drawing and writing.

How long the battle went on was hard to tell. Folk were dying, healers were bringing them back to life, mages were calling up daemons and elementals to help fight. Archers fought back to back with swordsmen and the battle songs of bards could be heard over the area.

At some point a moongate opened and a man without armor stepped through. None of the brigands bothered him as he systematically searched the bodies of the fallen. I overheard him curse at some of the brigands and talk about finding ‘it’, although he never said what ‘it’ was. Whatever he was looking for, he didn’t seem to find it - for after looking for about ten minutes, he jumped through a gate and was gone. Some folk followed and returned claiming that the gate led to the portal to Buccaneer’s Den. They also returned with the man’s name... Robert d’Guy.

It is this reporter’s opinion that everyone should be wary if they see this man again. He seems to employ brigands and is searching for something. Should you see him, report his location to the nearest town guard.