Trammel Dragon Take Five - Dragons of the New Year

Bethsainda Ariaachas

UP: Europa

    Well, dear readers, again a new year is about to fall around our ears. Will it be as good as the last? Will it be as bad as the last? Ah, I am no fortune teller, so will not attempt to guess. But I can tell you what was passed on to me by AlíNorin, son of the famous Trammel Dragon, AlíCedra. It seems that baby dragons have been lost. Yes, dear readers, I know that is very sad. The baby dragons must be returned to the lair upon the first, if you can find one of them.

But it will not be easy, for you cannot attack them, and you certainly cannot MAKE them go with youÖ or can you? Perhaps by your wits you will be able to convince them to accompany you. It will not be easy, but then when has it been? So here is your mission: you must seek out the baby dragons and return them to AlíNorinís statue in the city of Trinsic. You must also figure out from the baby dragon what the password is that will transport you to the lair. The dragons will be roaming all day, no doubt, so look sharp. They are somewhere on the surface, for they have been told not to venture into dark places. You must find them before 9 pm GMT or they will surely be asleep and lost forever.

You must have a team of folks to capture the dragon. Remember it is a baby, and may want things before it goes with you, and you must win its confidence, surely. Each baby dragon may bring with him a team of three to eight folks to work on the riddle.