All That Glitters

Lilia Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    Greetings readers. In today’s top story: an end to the raids led by Robert d’Guy. Known for his recent series of brigand attacks, d’Guy met his death at the hands of a group of adventures that tracked him down with the help of a young woman named Carra. Apparently Carra’s older sister, Marlo, had been kidnapped by d’Guy in an effort to force the treasure hunter to dig up a map he had found during one of his crossroad raids.

The map led to a buried treasure on the Isle of the Avatar, also known as Fire Isle. Balrons, blood elementals, liche lords and even a dragon guarded the treasure! Inside was not only the normal fare one finds in a buried treasure, but also sets of plate mail, bundles of scrolls – both blank and scribed - a small pile of diamonds and other riches. According to reports, when each of the small chests found within the dug up chest were opened daemons were conjured forth, as if some last spell of protection had been placed upon the contents of the treasure chest.

In other news the number of undead uprisings as of late have increased. Grave robbers have now been reported in Britain, Vesper and Moonglow cemeteries. No clue has been found to link the events together other than coincidence. The most recent sighting occurred in Moonglow, where brigand types were found digging up the graves. This disturbance caused the dead to rise again, attacking any that happened to be in the area. Locals from Moonglow hurried to the site to stop the robbers and to put the undead back to rest. Casualties were heavy, but local wandering healers were on hand to bring spirits back to their bodies.

Lastly, a young girl named Sarielle, a resident of Moonglow, sent me a letter today. While written in a childish hand, the intent of the letter is quite clear. I shall paraphrase her words here for you all.

Sarielle wishes to express her thanks to the kind man Helper and the Heart Lady Zmala and the good folk at TUR Hamlet who helped set her free from Callista the Dark. She also wants to thank all the other good heart folk that were there helping.

Apparently this Callista was responsible for various attacks in the Yew area and the kidnapping of Helper, a resident of the TUR Hamlet, which lies east of Yew.