Gypsy Girl Sought For Questioning As Rampages Continue

Quill McMartin

UP: Great Lakes

    A gypsy girl, now identified as Tatia, has eluded investigators seeking answers concerning the rash of undead and brigand attacks throughout the realm. Also being pursued is the tribe of Romni people, of which she is a member. Tatia has been spotted in a number of places, but flees before investigatory teams arrive. The Romnis, too, have been on the move, consistently evading authorities.

Meanwhile, large bands of brigands have been striking randomly across Britannia. Friday night saw a massive influx of brigands at the graveyard on the swamp’s edge north of Trinsic. As citizens arrived to beat back the swarming tide, they met not only brigands, but also an agglomeration of undead savages. From lich lords and mummies to the rattling bones of skeletal knights, denizens of the realm clashed against the horde until each undead beast was driven back into their unholy resting place.

The next day saw two brigand road blockades, one near Yew, the other in the Minoc region. It is rumored that in the latter, a group of gypsies were not far away. This is perceived to be a coincidence by some, but in the weighing of all evidence presented, it may be safe to ascertain that there is some relation between the two.

Strategists have been hard at work analyzing the frequencies, locations and measures of these attacks. Their hopes are to somehow discover a way to determine where and when the next attack will occur, that they might crush it before it escalates. As of this writing, they have no news to report. The attacks, as stated above, are devoid of any apparent devising.

In what may or may not be a related detail, news from Buccaneer’s Den is that the island is now victim of an alleged poltergeist. Several shopkeepers have complained of their establishments being ransacked during the night, though no extensive damage has been done and their inventories have not diminished.