Third Staff Piece Recovered Along with Lanterns!

Lilia Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    Only days after Anwar the sage finished translating the ancient texts, all three pieces of the Staff of Balance and the Lanterns of Emotion and Reason have been recovered. Pieces now lay in the following locations: a piece of the staff at the Temple of Balance, a piece of the staff at AzWrath Tower-TUR, a piece of the staff at the home of Sarielle in Moonglow, the Light of Reason at the BKB Headquarters and the Light of Emotion at the Temple of the Black One.

Plans are being made by both sides on what to do next, as the books state that all the pieces must be brought to a ‘magic’ area along with the beings known as Ashabti and Sashabti and the conduit, the young girl Sarielle.

In a possibly related event, undead attacked the Temple of the Black One shortly after the lantern of Emotion was recovered. Bystanders claim it was the girl Sarielle who was responsible for raising the dead, apparently driven to anger when she felt people had been lying to her. Observers indicate that the Lantern of Emotion seemed to be affecting the girl and that perhaps it was the lantern and not the child that was responsible.