Adventurers Called Upon To Investigate Livestock Mutilations

Decimus, freelance warrior

UP: Napa Valley

 Cows ripped to shreds, pig entrails wrapped around trees, some animal remains were scattered over entire fields. These gruesome images have been commonplace on the farms near Skara Brae of Trammel in recent days. Local guards managed to slay one dire wolf and have dismissed the incidents as wild animal attacks, but they cannot account for the fact that none of the dead animals seemed to be eaten or used in any recognizable way.

Given the possibility that these odd incidents may be part of a greater evil, adventurers are encouraged to patrol the farms east of Skara Brae of Trammel each night this week. Any sightings of dangerous animals such as giant rats, dire wolves or giant snakes should be noted and the animals themselves eliminated or tamed and removed to another location. In addition, suspicious looking humans wandering the area should be investigated and questioned if possible. The possibility also exists that orcs have entered the area and are responsible for the mutilations.

Any information (including descriptions in the case of humans) regarding wild animals in the area, suspicious humans and/or orcs should be reported to Decimus.