Brigands and Orcs, a Likely Bunch?

Malakin Flann

UP: Atlantic

    Although most folk would undoubtedly be quick to judge orcs as aggressive, brainless creatures, a particular occurrence a few nights ago is sure to cast doubt on this assumption.

I had recently arrived in Britain after a truly wearying trip from Delucia, and had decided to stop at the Wayfarer’s Inn for a bit of rest and recuperation. As I awoke the next morning, the streets of Britannia’s largest city were not as busy as usual. At first I paid no attention to this passing curiosity, however soon I could not help but overhear the urgent call of the local town crier as he carried on about a spy named Russ who had requested help near the west mountain pass.

I quickly sprinted back to the Inn, put on my suit of studded armor and raced towards the mountain pass – after all, t’was my curiosity that made me a reporter! As I approached the western pass I found a young man clad in dirty ring mail, ranting about orcs and brigands conspiring. As I began to ask him questions, he revealed that his name was, indeed, Russ, a spy in service of the local guard.

This curious fellow directed all the arriving adventurers to the small brigand fort to the north of the pass, noting that they should take heed, for many orcs and brigands had been there earlier in the day.

I said my “farewell” to Russ and ran as fast as I could towards the fort. By the time I arrived, many adventurers were already fighting off the threat, but what I found rather odd was the fact that the orcs and brigands gathered there actually seemed to be working together.

Hundreds of orcs, ettins, and brigands poured out of the fort gates. The adventurers quickly summoned elementals to aid them in backing off the threat. Eventually the orcs and brigands were driven back into their fort and all of the adventurers began to force themselves in, towards the orcs and brigands that were retreating.

As we took down the last few brigands, a gate appeared and out came Russ, the spy who had informed us of this uprising. He began to thank each of the adventurers and said that any treasure that was found in the fort was for whomever discovered it first. Then another mysterious gate appeared and Russ went into it.