Anwar Found Dead!

Lilia Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

    We have tragic news today as the reports of the death of the sage Anwar have been confirmed. Sources say the sage left the Lycaeum in Moonglow to find his ward Sarielle who had fled their home a few days ago. He was seen at various locations throughout the realm, such as the Temple of Balance and the RKB Headquarters, asking about the wisplike being known as Sashabti. Felucca sources report that the sage was sighted in the area around Yew and heading east.

The ranger that found the sageís body said he had overheard what he thought was a conversation between two people. They did not sound as if they were arguing; so the ranger moved on to investigate a call for help nearby. Later in his route he came across Anwarís dying body. He recognized the voice of the sage as Anwar whispered his last words to the ranger. The ranger came to Cara with the following report :

ďI heard these two folk talking and didnít think much of it. Lots of folk meet in the woods. Best I remember, this Anwar fellow was trying to convince this other fellow that his daughter was in Moonglow. The other fellow didnít take kindly to the news and claimed that this Anwar fellow was lying. His daughter had been kidnapped years before and now that he was free, he was going to make someone pay. Mind you, I was a bit concerned over those words, but they didnít seem to mean anything immediate would happen. I heard a call for help around that time and went off to help a young lad that had taken on a bear. When I returned to my route, I found this Anwar near dead. He was beyond my healing skills and seemed desperate to tell me something. His last words were, ďTell her to find a way to bring Shabti back. Tell her that Sashabti knows. Tell her I loved her like she was my own.Ē He coughed one last time and lay still. We donít know who this Ďherí is, which is why I came to the press about this. Itís my hope that someone will read your story and know that his manís dying thoughts were of this lady.Ē

Tragic indeed. There have been a few recent sightings of the girl Sarielle. She was last seen talking to a beggar in the woods near the Temple of Balance. When questioned, the beggar said she had asked him to give a ring to someone named Spartícus, but heíd refused, not wanting to be accused of stealing something that was obviously expensive.