The Tide Has Turned, Disaster for the Order

Gabriel Silverwind

UP: Pacific

    Before I begin, gentle reader, please allow me to make an introduction. My name is Gabriel Silverwind, and I am a humble alchemist and researcher by trade. I am normally found studying in the Lycaeum, but when I heard of the events pertaining to the Order of Mercaerin, I left the comfort of the Lycaeum and traveled to the Skara Brae of Felucca to investigate.

My first visit to the battlegrounds was a sight that will remain in my mind for all eternity. The bodies of the dead and undead were cast about as though a child had scattered his toys. The once fertile fields were drenched with blood. It would seem that the only happy creatures were the crows and vultures, as they feasted and grew fat from the rewards of the Order’s efforts. I looked upon the carnage and thought that this must stop!

While I walked amongst the carnage, offering aid where I could, I heard names being mentioned. Zar’el Darkan, Lothair Maltus, Kiri De’Velthun, Selrac Ca’rek. It was this last name that caught my ear the most, for the worthy defenders spoke of his apparent reluctance to kill the defenders. I spoke to Sam, Chancellor of Skara Brae and August West for a short time and promised to look into the Order further.

It was with that in mind that I traveled to Trinsic to look into the history of the Order, and the background of Selrac in particular. After looking through the records of the Paladin’s Guild, I discovered that Selrac was an orphan, taken in by the Guild and trained by them. Selrac excelled in that training, but yearned for acceptance and power, something that he could not be given by the parents that had abandoned him. He engaged in questionable duels, killing more and more. It was said that he never lost a duel, and appears that he used poisons in some of them. It was these duels that brought the attention of the Order and there were rumors of Zar’el appearing in Trinsic. Soon after, Selrac disappeared.

Hastily, I returned to Skara Brae and passed this information along, then departed with the advice that Selrac might feel as though he is in over his head and desires redemption.

When I returned to the Docks last eve, I was surprised to hear of the events of the eve. A few nights past, Selrac had secretly met with Lord West and arranged a deal. He would slay Lothair and Zar’el using a potent spell, in return for safe haven from the Order. Last night, the Order attacked the Docks again and most of the Order was present, however, conspicuously absent was Zar’el. The defenders, weakening the morale of the remainder, felled some of the lesser members of the Order.

During a lull in the battle, Selrac asked Lothair of Zar’el’s whereabouts, Lothair said that Zar’el had heard rumors of something amiss and deigned to be elsewhere. Yelling a combination of Words of Power not heard before, Selrac cast a spell with spectacular effects and weakened Lothair near unto death. One of the defenders cast the final spell that dropped Lothair to the dirt. Weakened by the efforts of casting the spell, Selrac took to flight with Kiri De’Velthun and the Order in hard chase.

After a running battle that lasted many minutes, Selrac lost the vengeful Order members and returned to the Docks. The defenders held to their portion of the bargain. After a few muttered words, Selrac cast a spell and vanished, followed by the primaries in the Skara defense.

The following information I have gotten second hand. Apparently, Lords West, Dux Morningstar and Wolvesbane, along with other members of the defense, brought Selrac to a safe haven somewhere to the northeast. After many thanks from both parties, Selrac begged leave to rest, as the spell that weakened Lothair drained him mightily. He promised to return this evening with information on the Order and efforts that may be taken to wipe them from the face of Felucca.