Dark Tidings

Kelrin Nabri, Reporter

UP: Pacific

    Hail to you all. My name is Kelrin Nabri, a new reporter here, and the story I am about to present is something that will amaze you all! A couple of nights ago a few warriors were adventuring within the Terathan Keep when they stumbled upon a blackened area. From their reports it seems that the entire place had been burned out, for all that remained were a few charred books. One book in particular, however, the warriors read with great interest.

Apparently they had discovered a journal written by a certain “Lord Zar’el Darkan”. Unfortunately most of the journal was ruined and barely legible, save for the final few pages. As a reporter, I felt it my duty to share this information with the world at large, and so I present here the remaining excerpts from the journal of Lord Zar’el Darkan :

…….It has been a few days now since that ill-fated eve, one in which the Order was shaken to its core. Lothair…Lothair…why did ye not head my warnings? For some time I had been troubled by something, something which I could not foresee due to the mists that covered my viewings. Something important was going to occur, yes…but for good or ill for the Order I knew naught. Alas, had I only known of what was to come….

Lothair…Lothair…your time has been cut too short…too soon. There is much work that needs to be finished, and our Vision of the realm is incomplete. I have spent these last few nights reading the tomes of the mage, Mercaerin. ‘Tis amazing, these works that we discovered long ago and the secrets contained within them. Secrets upon which many of our brethren perished….a time in the past…a time best to forget….

Within the tomes I have uncovered a spell through which I shall attempt to encase thy spirit within thy body once again. It should work, it must work…lest all our plans be laid to ruin. I may be strong enough, and Kirri and Justinian are more than willing to do what must be done, but your strength is needed, my friend…and thus I shall attempt this spell in the hopes that ye shall return and help finish what we started…and then there is the traitor…

Selrac…had I only kept a closer watch upon thee, then perhaps your treachery would have been discovered sooner…Yes, Lothair…I can feel your deep hatred of him within my own being. Selrac shall die…and die by your hands Lothair, if all goes according to plan…

Even now he creates lies to cover himself and his true intentions…the Order is our creation…formed to forge a better realm…not a puppet of those paladins within Trinsic. Yes, Selrac…ye are a crafty one and for now ye shall be allowed to play this game amongst this ‘Federation’. For now the assault upon Skara Brae shall be lifted…but even then…the undead will continue to do that which needs to be done there. But when the time comes, ye shall be hunted down and butchered. Thus the treason ye committed will be avenged. So much promise within ye…wasted…such a waste….of life….

For now…I shall return to my studies and make preparations for thy return, Lothair…but for Selrac…very soon he shall feel my wrath…very soon indeed…..

It does indeed seem to be a dark time for the realm of Britannia. As has been revealed elsewhere, Lothair was killed in battle by Selrac - but it seems that this Zar’el has discovered a means to resurrect his fallen comrade. Let us hope he does not succeed, for if successful he will surely threaten our great realm once again.

Another note, which confused me greatly, is the mention of a mage named Mercaerin. Who is this mage and what purpose does he serve? Is he dead or alive? I do not know the answers to these questions, but it does bring another mystery to this Order.