Adventurers Guild Reopens In Minoc

Blake the Bard

UP: Atlantic

 After closing its doors to flee the onslaught of Minax, the Adventurers Guild has moved to Minoc, Trammel, and is bustling with activity once more.

Owned and operated by Deckard Marner, the Adventurers Guild Hall is a place where brave would-be-heroes can come seeking fame and adventure, and those seeking heroes can find them as well.

"I was a grand soldier and adventurer in my day, lad... before I got m' bad leg." Deckard told me in an interview. "I wish I could do it again. That's why I founded the hall."

Located in central Minoc, on the Trammel facet, the Adventurers Guild has a full-time town crier on staff. Current jobs can be found on the bulletin board inside. Some folks stay around the hall waiting for work, and they also have many stories to tell and rumors to share.

From the time I spent there, it appeared that most activity occurs there late in the evening, but there were always people coming in looking for escorts, or to put an advertisement up on the bulletin board.

"All are welcome, as long as they don't break m' one rule..." Deckard told me. "Don't make a nuisance of yerself. That kind o' drivel only scares off people in need."

"Come by... sit a spell, put yer feet up. Even if you aren't the adventuring type, or if nothing is going on, there are still good people