Elemental Uprising


UP: Pacific

 Greetings good reader, allow me to introduce myself, I am called Jebidiah, a simple woodcutter, and I come before you tonight with an odd tale of adventure. My story begins upon the Isle of Moonglow where I had just fulfilled a contract for lumber. Leaving the bank after depositing my earnings, I chanced to hear the town crier calling for Brave Souls to defend the land from a horde of Elementals. It seems a large group of elementals of all types had been spotted moving toward the entrance of the dungeon Wrong.

Normally I wouldn’t have paid much attention to such escapades, being a simple man of simple means - but tonight my sense of adventure got the better of my common sense so, grabbing my trusty axe, I sought out a mage to gate me to Wrong. It didn’t take long to locate a group of people going to meet this threat and I quickly followed them though their gate. What a sight greeted me on the other side! A vast number of elementals as far as I could see, including some types I had only heard about in tavern tales. I immediately regretted my hasty decision to come and turned to retrace my steps only to find the gate which had brought me here was now gone. Now forced by fate to meet these elements gone mad, I took a firm grip upon my axe and strode into the fray.

A lifetime of lumberjacking has made me quite handy with the axe but I was taken aback by the strength and speed of these embodiments of elemental fury. I found myself facing a terrible earth elemental who seemed to shrug off my mightiest blows. After what seemed an eternity, it at last fell dead at my feet. I paused to catch my breath and look about - what I sight met my eyes! The bodies of adventures and their pets were mingled with those of the Elementals. And still the battle raged, as I resolved to flee the area and seek refuge in the surrounding forest.

Just then a lass on an Ostard streaked by, being chased by a large group of Elementals. One of her pursuers tired of the chase and instead decided to focus its attentions upon myself! As I prepared to meet this adversary, it dawned upon me this creature was formed of blood! I turned to flee but the creature struck with blinding speed and I felt a horrible toxin enter my system as I began to convulse wildly. Life parted from me and I was forced to watch the rest of the battle from the spirit realm.