Trolls Invade Trinsic and Minoc

Sammi Hushenhoy

UP: Pacific

    Late Saturday eve trolls were sighted at the western gate of Trinsic, Trammel. Spotting the creatures’ gruesome heads moving through the treelines, the guards sent a message to the town crier. Soon an army of brave men and women stood ready to defend the city of Trinsic against this horrible threat. War drums sounded and waves of Trolls, Orcs, and Ogres flung themselves at the defenders.

Just when I thought the day was won, a great red beast rose from among the fallen trolls. He beat his chest with his large golden mace and eyed us a moment.

“Da’Nogra saz yu wil gu frum dis plece” it rumbled at some hapless warrior. Then as quickly as the beast had appeared it, it was gone. The drums pounded again, sending me sprawling into a bush.

A book was found after the battle saying something about a plan in Minoc. Adventurers left in droves for the city of Minoc, where I heard a great battled ensued. The great Red Troll was not seen again this eve. After some research, I have found references of this Troll attacking in not only Trammal but also Felucca. The Orcs of Kor refer to this creature as the ‘false-un’.

Is this the end of the ‘false-un’ and his rampage or shall we see more of this horrible beast?