Mongbat Mush

Lilia Newsman

UP: Great Lakes

 Our story today comes from the city of Britain and the crossroads that lie to the west of town. Over the last few days there have been a series of spider attacks in the area. Folk passing by have seen the arachnids spewing from the trees in the area. There is currently no known reason for the sudden surge spiders.

Today, however, the crossroads were not plagued by spiders, but rather by what seemed to be a million mongbats and some headless. When I arrived on the scene there were only a few mongbats scattered over the area. This did not last long, though. After the initial assault, mongbats were sighted flying overhead and streaming down to the ground.

Some folk laughed in derision as a pair of dragons arrived to fight the mongbats off, but it was soon evident that even though mongbats are miniature in size, when they amass in numbers, even dragons are slowed down by wading through them.

The deranged monsters continued their flight and fight amidst poison fields and barrages of chain lightings. Nothing seemed to slow them down other than their own deaths. When the air finally cleared, there were corpses littering the ground, a few of them belonging to unlucky adventurers.