Dark Armies Attack Trammel Cities

Lord Tremain, High Paladin of Trinsic (Eyewitness)

UP: Napa Valley

    By the sixth hour of the evening, it had become apparent to the watchmen on the walls of Trinsic that something was wrong in the distant forest. Off on the horizon, a dark cloud that stretched to the ground had gathered, as if to shield the host of evil monsters from the light of the setting sun. Far off in lands to the north, a similar darkness fell over the crossroads of Britain. By the seventh hour, a call to arms had gone out. The sun set several minutes after the seventh hour, and the dark mists broke open and hundreds of dark, twisted shapes poured out onto the road, and began their assaults on Britain and Trinsic.

The armies were led by self-proclaimed “generals” who rode on thin pale horses and urged the legions to march toward town. In Trinsic, the army was met by a host of warriors and mages at the west gate. Near Britain, the attackers clashed with defenders from the city at the crossroads west of town.

The defense of each location was difficult, and the first men that challenged the Dark Enemy were easily outnumbered, yet the lines held while reinforcements arrived from other towns. The Dark armies employed beasts the likes of which have never been seen in Trammel. Daemon and Elemental champions slew many men before they were overwhelmed. The sounds of the battle were heard for miles, and hosts of orcs were drawn to it, adding to the strain on the defenders.

After sixty minutes of intense fighting, the strength of the Dark armies was exhausted, and the generals mysteriously perished, as if their existence was somehow linked to their armies. As the night progressed, the strife spread to other cities. Smaller forces of dark monsters attacked Skara Brae and Moonglow, but these too were defeated by strong forces of warriors and mages.

The motives behind these attacks are not known, nor is it known how the great Enemy could have unleashed such a powerful force in Trammel. Citizens are urged to be prepared at all times should such dire violence erupt again.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, February 27th 2001