Spider Nest Near Destard

Jerome the miner

UP: Drachenfels

    One week ago I left Skara Brae with my three packhorses. I was expecting to bring them home filled with ore. Instead, they where killed. Slain by spiders and now they probably are food for the spider hatchlings! The weirdest part was not the spider nest in a mine, the weirdest part was the man. A middleaged man in grey robes.

This man stood outside the cavern when I came running out! He just stood there grinning at me while he eyed the hideous giant spiders as they cornered my poor steeds and poisoned them. I grabbed his collar and raised my pickaxe, asking what was so funny? And why is he here hanging around a giant spiderís nest?

He pushed me backwards and cursed at me. Before I could react, he took a few paces backward while he pulled out a small pouch, or box. When he opened it a small explosion and a lot of smoke enveloped him. When the smoke cleared I could not see him, he was gone. I cursed his illusionary tricks and got up on my legs - just in time, too, because I heard a hissing sound behind me. When I turned around, I saw a huge greenish spider coming right at me! From its mandibles I saw acid poison dripping, burning the grass as it hit the ground!

I threw my pickaxe at it and when it scuttled to the side I dashed away as fast as my legs would carry me. I did not dare to look back but I knew my horses where spider food. Their panicked neighing ended with a muffled slumping sound as they fell and started to spasm. Those were some fine horses. They had been with me for many years! A curse upon the spiders, and a curse upon that man in grey robes!

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, February 27th 2001