Wolves Attack Small Farming Community

Arianna Daelin

UP: Chesapeake

    I find that the taverns of this land can be an excellent resource of interesting news and tales. Not all of them are true, perhaps, but I find that even the wildest of tales usually hold a shred of truth. I often visit various taverns in hopes of finding the rare pearl of a mystery to solve in one of these tales. On my most recent visit to The Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae, I found just what I was looking for.

I was chatting with the bartender over recent events and nursing my ale when a man came in. He was dressed as a farmer and carrying a rather forlorn looking pitchfork - parts of the fork were bent and it appeared to have matted blood and fur all over it. My curiosity was instantly peaked as the farmer leaned his pitchfork against the bar and took a stool. The bartender excused himself and went to serve the farmer who he was obviously familiar with.

"What happened to you, Franklin?" the bartender asked him.

"Wolves," Franklin exclaimed, "More'n ye ever seen before! They killed all me cattle! An' they weren't yer ordinary wolf types either, but big, mean suckers."

The bartender patted Franklin on the shoulder to calm him a bit and handed him a mug of ale. Franklin took a few healthy gulps before continuing his story.

"I ain't ever saw the likes of it. I mean, I killed me a wolf or two harassin' me cows from time to time, but never so many as this! They were all over me fields! I ran to me nearest neighbors in the town of Corwyn an' begged their help before all me cows were killed."

At this point, I couldn't help but move a few stools over and introduce myself. This story was becoming very interesting.

"Isn't it odd for wolves to approach an area of civilization like that," I asked the farmer.

"Aye! They may try an' get a sheep that wanders too far into the woods an' the like, but they are none too fond of hasslin' humans normally. Methinks somethin' be drivin' them from the woods nearby, though it must be somethin' bad to have drove off these monsters," Franklin replied.

I spent a while longer learning of Franklin's farm and the details of this attack. It seems several packs of wolves attacked his farm and while they were eventually overcome by the citizens of Corwyn and others who came to offer assistance, I have come to believe that this is a menace that we have not yet seen the end of. What could have driven the wolves from the nearby forests? I will certainly be doing further research on this little pearl of a mystery.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, February 27th 2001