Minoc Guard Assassinated!

Malakin Flann

UP: Atlantic

    T’was a beautiful day in the town of Minoc. As I approached the river, I leaned down to grab a sip of water, when a man in chain mail armor and a purple cape caught my eye. I ran towards this peculiar man, and gave him my greetings.

“Hail to thee,” he replied, and quickly stated that he was Grant Feist, Sergeant of the Minoc Guard, on his way to the newly opened Adventurer’s Guild.

Being the curious reporter that I am known to be, I followed Sgt. Feist to the establishment. Much was happening, and as we entered the door I noticed another fellow in full plate mail and a halberd named Sutton, a lower ranking guard. Sgt. Feist asked all those who were there to lend Sutton a hand in apprehending an outcast by the name of Wharton. Most of the adventurers gathered accompanied Sutton on his journey south of the local gypsy camp. An eerie sound was felt whilst we walked through the woods, and I began to get second thoughts as we came up to a small brigand camp.

One of the gathered brigands happened to be the man we were looking for, the vile Wharton. As we drew our weapons, Wharton began to taunt us as the lout ran for safety. The brigands were cut down where they stood; however Sutton took a massive blow to the head, which killed him instantly. As we quickly mourned the loss of our leader, we were dumbfounded as to the location of this outcast. We began to collect Sutton’s personal belongings and slowly walked back to Minoc.

Grant Feist spoke at the wake that took place in the town hall, a short and sullen speech for those gathered :

“With a sad heart, we offer our condolences to Sutton’s family. Know that the Minoc Guard shall not rest until this criminal is put behind bars”

‘Tis indeed a sad day in Minoc. Will the brigand, Wharton, be brought to justice? Only time will tell.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, March 7th 2001