Adventurers Summon Anvasflan!

Malakin Flann

UP: Atlantic

    As night fell the twin moons rose, Felucca a full moon whilst Trammel was in the first quarter. We gathered by the dim light that our lanterns gave out, as Verity Jerison began to speak to us. Verity, an old scholar who had recently arrived from the Lycaeum, had just finished translating an ancient tome that was found in the Ice Cavern some days before. According to Verity’s translation, this tome had been written by small group of monks who worshipped an essence of water.

This essence, which called itself Anvasflan had been banished from our land. The monks, in an effort to bring him back, attempted to cast a spell that would summon him. Alas, they failed and were all killed when the spell backfired. Verity told us that the tome contained a list of resources and words of power that would summon this essence.

It also required four mages to summon the four different elementals : water, air, fire, and earth. When this was completed, the words of power would be spoken and, according to the tome, Anvasflan would be summoned.

We realized that we were risking our lives in attempting such a spell, for it had killed those who had tried it before. However many in our party agreed that if it was successful, we would be able to ask this essence many questions regarding the mysterious mage clan and the gypsy murders. We agreed to partake in this endeavor, and asked Verity where we should venture to attempt such a spell.

He told us of a waterfall in the dungeon Destard, and with that we bid our farewells. As we arrived at the waterfall a group of dark mages where waiting for us - apparently they knew of our plans. A battle erupted, and though we eventually came out victorious, some of our companions had lost their lives. Each spirit set about its resurrection at the nearby shrine and our party was soon ready once again.

We began to drop the reagents that were needed for the spell, while four mages from our group summoned the elementals. Finally, as we began to speak the words of power, an eerie sound was heard throughout the halls of Destard as each adventurer spoke a word of power.

When the last word was spoken, bolts of lightning shot down around the waterfall, and the water began to spray to the sides, increasing in violence as more lightning poured down. I quickly thought that we were fools for attempting such a powerful spell, for our lives were at stake.

However, to our amazement, a dark essence of water manifested in front of us! It was Anvasflan! The creature asked us why we had summoned him, and we quickly told it of our need for certain information. Still awed by the beautiful creature in front of us, we listened as it told us of Maximiliano the gypsy chieftain, who was hiding at a camp in the lost lands.

Anvasflan also spoke of Spencer the Sage and Verity Jerison, who we would need to help us find the leader of the mage cult. As our questions were answered, the essence told us it was weakened from the manifestation and that it needed to rest once again. Verity had given each adventurer a specific word of power that needed to be chanted in order for this essence to manifest, and he also told one of the adventurers a word of power to dispel the creature.

With the chanting of the word, lightning began to pour once again as the essence fell back into the gloomy water. Soon it was no more.

As I walked out of the dungeon, I felt daylight as it shined upon my face; the sun was smiling upon me, for we had done a great deed this day.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Sunday, March 18th 2001