Britan Guard Mysteriously Slain

Tean Golthis

UP: Atlantic

   Early this morning, the body of a high-ranking Britain town guard was found in his chambers, cut up in a ritualistic fashion. Strange symbols marked in blood and the positioning of the severed parts identify this as a cult killing. Wallace, the man brutally slaughtered, was a former resident of Minoc. At age 29, his companions can think of no immediate threat to the former guard that would perform such a brutal killing.

Though searching his room gave no clues as to what exactly the killers were looking for, a note dated from late the night before may indicate the last person to ever see Wallace alive. The guards have allowed us to publish the note in its entirety in order to speed up the process of finding this man:

“Wallace, as you remember in previous letters I have sent you this week, the large ettin chieftain has become much more than just a mere nuisance to the surrounding communities. He is a great threat that is seemingly superhumanly strong, able to withstand more than six grandmasters of weaponry with barely a scratch inflicted upon him.

He has been known to disappear quite quickly from battle as well, if his forces are falling back. This ability, along with his great strength, I believe comes from a large red molten rock that seems to somehow keep a flame eternally within itself. I am still looking for some research material on the rock, if any exists at all. However I think I may have found a way to kill the ettin.

Over a week ago I sent people who were willing to help the cause to meet a mage by the name of Finlay near Wind. A council of mages there owned a weapon of power from ages past. Finlay finally agreed to allow us to use the weapon, but needed people to fetch the keys to unlock it from its hiding place. After a grueling three tests, the chest with the weapon was recovered and returned to my possession. To my surprise, the weapon was still in pieces. I assume this was to preserve its potency as much as possible.

Yesterday I finished re-attaching the crystalline tip to the spearhead. Although the crystal itself is only 1/8 of the length of the spearhead, it still holds quite enough power to hopefully slay this ettin. I am sending it to you as per our agreement that you would make sure that the spear falls into hands steady enough to wield it.

I will be in contact with the community where the spear was discovered as well as others in the next few days, to aid you in forming a sufficient attack on the fort. All speed be with you.”

The Town guards have initiated an investigation of their own, but ask the communities to get involved and aid them in discovering the perpetrators of this tragic slaying. Rewards are sure to accompany any leads. As of now, the only clue as to who might have committed the act is the author of this note. No spear was ever found, nor the name of the author. If you locate this man, please follow any leads he may be able to give. If you discover the killers, please report to the Order guards.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, March 27th 2001