The Mystery of the Magic Book

Jonathan Leon

UP: Atlantic

   Before I get into my tale, allow me to introduce myself. I work part time in the Trinsic Stablery, and my name is Jonathan Leon. Last evening as I was cleaning the stables I heard a great commotion.

I was about to go out into the streets when all at once great and powerful warriors came to the stables and began shouting and calling for their most powerful mounts. There was a line out the door as myself and the stable master attempted to get all of these beasts out of the stables. We nearly had our own battle arise as the stable master released a white Wyrm.

“Excuse me sire,” I asked, “Where are you going with these great animals?”

The warrior replied, “The Paladin Rolf is seeking aid outside of the city gates. He has been hired to help the town nobles.”

“Well, then I must go to his aid.”

The warrior laughed at this and said, “You had best stay here, we must venture into the depths of the dungeon Destard. That is no place for the likes of you!” With that, he and the rest of the warriors raced off.

Now it maybe true, I am not a warrior yet, but I do care for our fair city. I wanted to do what I could for the citizens of this fine town. So I ran off to inform the healers that there could be wounded warriors coming in.

At last the battle-weary warriors came trailing back into town. Many were happy and cheering the victory, while others were injured and looking for aid.

While I was helping one wounded warrior to the Inn I asked him how the battle went and how he faired. He responded with, “Well, I did not die! And I think they found the book.”

“What book?” I pried.

“The book that Rolf and his friends were hired to find.”

“Where is this book now? And do you know where I might find Rolf? I would like to meet him.”

The warrior looked me over a little questioningly, but he answered with “I do not know. Shortly after the cry went out that Rolf had retrieved the book, Rolf was nowhere to be seen.”

Then he added, “I saw his friend Kaethen over by the provisioner, you might try him.”

I wandered over to the provisioner’s and saw Kaethen talking to a group of unhappy warriors. The group looked pretty hostile, so I hung back near the door and listen to their conversation.

“Where is Rolf? And where is this book we went after?” the first warrior asked.

Kaethen answered, “He went to return the book to the Nobles. I am waiting here for his return.”

“What was in the book?” “Why was the book stolen?” “Whose book was it?” The warriors all asked in unison.

At this point Kaethen began to look a little nervous. “I really don’t know. Rolf handled all of the details of the contract. We came with him to provide support.”

“So you don’t know where he is? Or what he has one with the book?”

In a weaker voice Kaethen uttered, “I really don’t know him at all. But I shall go in search of him and this book.” With that he recalled away.

I stood there confused. Lost? I was really not sure. From what I had gathered this band of friends had been hired to retrieve this important book. And now at least one of them did not know where the Rolf went with the book?

What was in this book? What can it be used for? Truly, I am not sure, but for some unexplainable reason I fear for the city and the countryside nonetheless.

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Wednesday, March 28th 2001