The Dreadful Amazon Venessa

UP: Japanese Shards

    The hidious amazon Venessa attacked the cities of Britannia. Her group included a mage who had mastered the evil magic. The Guards had been charmed and ignored them. Although many a citizen screamed for the guards the guards did not come.
It is said that Venessa wore make up that made her look like one from a savage tribe, and that she had power as of a god.
With the advice by Ken Jr., some of the citizens located the mages who hid under the cities, charming the guards. And even once the guards were cured they still did not attack Venessa. With the cost of many adventurers lives Venessa and her group were finally beaten.
However according to evidence located during the attack, the dreadful amazon is merely one of the enemy. The following warning was found...
'The time of Osbourne's revenge is at hand. Since he met a tragic end, I have asked His Majesty for a opportunity of revenge and finally my wish has been granted. I have been lent one of the Harpies who are servants to His Majesty as an addition to my army. Those cowards can not beat the red dreadful bird. I only hope that the fool Ken may not disturb our schemes. Well, if the harpy loses, I can meet Osbourne again with the power of His Majesty, and there are the twin generals also.'

Warriors ready to fight Venessa Mysterious Mage Red Harpy

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online