The Twin Generals

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    The expected attack by the Twin Generals was drawing close. We set up a group to sense enemy behavior to give us advance warning and the chance of a preemptive strike.

Warning by Borcden
' 'twas abnormal. The spawning of the creatures was very fast. I went to the depth of the dungeon due to try to discover its cause... And I saw the trolls and gargoyles which never been there before, and it seemed that it was operated by someone. No doubt that the twin generals had began to act! I hope that the other team that led by Roland has more information....'

Abnormal spawning creatures
Gargoyles and gazers and wolves which had never been seen before in dungeon Shame and Despise were found. 'twas said that a adventurer was attacked by a large pack of Hellhounds.

'Kakusin ni sematteru?' - 'Are we approaching truth?' Adventurers fighting in Dungeon Shame

Information from Roland
'I found the invincible warrior Jordan and the strongest of the Evil Mages - Meyer. There is no doubt that the twins general have began to act.
However, there is but a few creatures in their headquarter. There must be a another base! And the chamber which they are in has an enchanted magic barrier. We cannot get in. We must find the other headquarters. The creatures must a stronger than before if Meyer had enchanted them. Though we must also prepare to deal with the twin generals!'

Strange creatures
Many creatures have appeared. Including Clay gargoyles and clay trolls that have never been seen before, and Elder Gazers that are raraly found. No doubt that they have been created by the twin generals. According to the report by Borden, they are a cross of an earth elemental with a gargoyle or a troll.

Two green trolls and one green gargoyle in the dungeon Green troll and many adventurers

A mysterious teleporter
'twas found out by Roland's information that one can not reach the chamber of the twin generals in any normal way. A strange chest was found when they were searching the dungeon, guarded by clay gargoyles and clay trolls.

After the desperate struggle, the adventurers reached the chest, and found out that they could enter the chamber via a teleporter. It required a password that was 'Praise the emperor!'. One of the adventurers told them that the emperor's name was Golmor. Everybody steped onto the teleporter and said "Golmor", and teleported to the other side. But there were many hardships to bare beyond the teleporter.

'OK Let's go!'

Last trial
More information from Roland.
'The other side of telepoter is not the general's chamber. 'tis big, and has no exit except a closed door. I can hear a voice from somewhere: Risk your life, and show your loyalty!
There is an ancient wyrm..... Perhaps, we can open the door only when we defeat the wyrm.'
Later, a adventurer who could escape from the chamber tells us the story. 'Roland used another way to get through the door.'

'The ancient wyrm may appear, hehe' Death

The generals

With cost of many lives, the adventurers reached the chamber of the generals at last. There were only one tenth of the number of them that started the adventurer remaining. Many of these were then killed by the generals who then arrived.
However, finally the generals were killed by the remaining brave advantures. They took the generals' mask - a symbol of fear - as proof of their victory.

Peace to Britannia was restored, temporarily anyway. However there is still the emperor Golmor remaining at large.
According to rumors, anybody who wears the mask will die. And anybody who wear the mask and walks through a crowd, will die soon....

'I will continue to fight' The Generals' gray deer mask

From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online