Conceptual Atlas and Cities of Sosaria

Unauthorized World Map
New Britannian (Human) Locations
Avenosh (Meer) Locations
Logosia (Jukan) Locations
Other Locations

Although no official maps have been released for Origin, a lot of information about the lands HAS been given to us, especially by Ahriman, the Minister of Fiction for the game. Following is an abstract concept atlas of how the lands will be layed out. Clearly, the world will not look like this, but the 3 continents and all the city names on the map WILL be part of the world. As more information is given to us, we will add to this map, or even put up real maps once they become available.

Unauthorized World Map

The following map was rendered long before Ultima Online 2 was even released officially to the public. Long known as the black-market map that was not allowed to see the light of day, now that the project has been cancelled we have finally been given permission by OSI to display it to the fans. Keep in mind that this map is over 1.5 years old and was drawn before the WorldBuilders had completely finished the layout of the land. Therefore, take it with a grain of salt and only refer to it for general purposes only, not for specifics.

New Britannian Locations

Britain - Capital city of New Britannia.

Conceptual Map of Britain based on several screenshots and movies. Special thanks to Swamp Thing!

Minoc - The once prosperous city of Minoc has gone from economic capital to low-level city.  Though it exists, it became economically deprived and replaced in many ways by New Minoc

Yew - Built on and in a tree that spans over a mile wide.

Vesper - Vesper is on southeastern coast of New Britannia. It is indeed a beautiful city and home to the Great Lighthouse of Vesper, a marvel of architecture, magic, and technology. It has earned a reputation as a haven for political dissidents, especially those expressing dissatisfaction with Regent Moriah's ban on technology.

Cove - Here is the description: Cove is a tiny coastal village located between Britain and Vesper. This small community has but a handful of buildings among them a farmers market, supply shop for warriors, and a healer. There is an Orc fortress to the south that serves as a staging point for periodic Orc attacks on the town.

Will there still be Orcs around or have they migrated? Only time will tell!

Paws -Not much released on this city.

Avenosh (Meer) Locations

Ishpur - Capital city of Avenosh. No screenshots yet.


New Minoc - New Minoc is on the continent of Avenosh. It was first established by the Technocrats, who lusted after the natural resources of the Meer's native soil. When the Matriarchs failed to negotiate a peaceful withdrawal with the Lectors in Logos, a brutal war resulted. Finally, an alliance between the Juka Clans and the Meer Lore Council succeeded in driving the Logosians from the shores of Avenosh. The mining colony was later renamed New Minoc by a powerful guild of Britannian, Meer, and Jukan merchants who resumed mining operations under the watchful eye of the Lore Council. This guild, named the Consortium, convinced Ishpur that the rich resources of Avenosh (responsibly mined) could assist in rebuilding the Meer cities devastated in the war. But now, decades later, the Consortium has grown corrupt, conducting secret trade with the Technocrats and the pirates of Buccaneer's Den. When the Lore Council learns of these clandestine treaties, trouble is sure to result.

Logosia (Jukan) Locations

Garron - Within the time period that Origin takes place in, this is a city found in the Jukan lands of Logosia. From Ahriman - "The Jukan heroes, Kumar and Narah, led the remaining rebels away from the citadel and into the wilderness where they eventually founded Garron."


Logos - Originally the Citadel Moonglow, renamed by Blackthorn to Logos (the first word spoken by the Prime Overlord to the newly conscious Britannian just prior to beginning its recitation of the rational principles of The Machine).

Junction - Very little has been released on this city, it's thought to be a minor Moongate stop and small trading post in Logosia.

Other Locations

Buccaneer's Den - Known to be the home of pirates.


New Skara Brae - The Original Skara Brae was, 

 Skara Brae resides on an island of the same name, due west of Britannia. The city is a central point for sea-faring expeditions heading westward. Althought it is spacious like Yew, Skara is certainly a city. The houses are intermixed with shops, schools, and parks, all connected via stone walkways.

Most of the houses and shops of Skara Brae are made of Britannian wood and plaster though the more permanent (and important) structures are made of stone. Around the outskirts of the city, rangers have set up camps using shrubs, trees, and skins as temporary shelters.

Nothing is known of the New Skara Brae, not even what continent it is on!