Player Run Establishments

The Dragon Tooth Tavern on Atlantic

Last visited by Keeshi - January 23th 2000

I was visiting the town of Minoc just last eve when I started becoming a bit parched. I asked around a bit if there was a local tavern I could wet my whistle at when I heard of the Dragon Tooth Tavern. After a bit of confusion (as I'm not too familiar with the area there abouts) I found my way to a large patio house setteled along the coast on a penninsula.

The tavern is located East, North East of the city of Minoc. It is a bit of a walk, across two bridges and a bit North West. The exact coordinates are: 111o 58'N 92o 52'E 350.2644.

Night had just fallen when I entered the tavern. There I was greeted by two patrons and the owner of the tavern, Cymoril. I quickly took the five cent tour and noticed a vast amount of vendors, yet no booze to be found. I asked the owner and a few moments later I found myself sitting before a mug of wine. The conversation was interesting though some of the languaged used on occasion eluded me.

The Dragon Tooth Tavern is very proud to let all within hearing range know that they will soon be the meeting place for the The Treasure Hunters of Brittannia Atlantic Faction, a fact more then noticable by the guildstone upon the patio. I look forward to seeing what will become of this quaint little place.

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