Player Run Establishments

Serpent Cross Tavern on Atlantic

Last visited by Zerver - Dec 18 98

Visited as part of the Atlantic Tour on Oct 3 98. It was very late when I got there so tis no wonder owner was not there. Many people came and went while I tried to figure out what gods forsaken part of Britain we were in.

It is in remote North EASTERN Yew (almost to the ocean) in a straight line from the Yew Abbey to the Moongate to the Tavern traveling due North EAST (Right). (Ok I originally said North West, now you know why I sold my plane hehe, thanks Kinja)

I've been told the hours are normally 9:30 to 12:30 pm ET. The tavern is owned by Perianwyr Stormcrow.

The place often has customers chatting, playing a game or two, or outside sparring. There seem to be a lot of Grand Masters that hang out here. I even saw a red in the tavern. He was not attacked, but sat playing chess (he won by the way).

A link to Serpent Cross Web Page: