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Ravenshire Town

Screen Shot of OverHead Map of Ravenshire Town's Location. Last Visited by Cymidei Fier - 04/19/2001
Coordinates: 131'6N 131'33E - Trammel

If you listen to the gossip in your local tavern you'll likely hear of the good folk of Ravenshire. They are well Known for their dedication to the virtues, craftsmanship and love of adventure.

Travel West of The Shrine of Sacrifice you can easily find Ravenshire Village a short distance past the first river.

The Townsfolk and citizens can be found anytime. Many of them live in the city and readily talk to adventurers.

While in the town you will most likely want to visit their library, temple of virtue, and tavern. There are also some truly unique shops such as the Ravenshire Hair Dressers, which caters to the most fashionable Britannians.

Their Web Site: Ravenshire's Website

The Ravenswing Tavern on the Roof of the Town Hall.