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The Hall of Seers -
8o 11'N 12o

Visited by WarderDragon on Friday, October 4th 2009.

Seppo and Crysania's Meeting Chamber - known to some as the Hall of Seers, Master Ilmarienen's Rest, and the Bandana Cave - is the central gathering point of the Britannic Seers (OOC Event Moderators); a group of storytellers, soothsayers, historians, oracles and magicians known for the many wonders and miracles they perform. The Seers are also said to have been tasked with protecting the World of Trammel from the Dark Enchantress Mesanna.

The Hall - which can be found in the Trade District of Northern New Britain near Castle Blackthorne - contains many precious relics and heirlooms, such as the Lantern Recovered from the Tower of Avalon, a Pitcher of the Golden Brew's Finest Ale, Geoffrey's Axe, the First Staff of Wizardry, and penned by Commanders Archimedes the Old and Sameerah.

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