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Lumaria, Town of Sacrifice
On or about the 7th of February 1998, a small player-run town announced its opening with but 3 small houses. From these humble beginnings and through many trials and tribulations rose Lumaria, Baja’s oldest player-run city. Its members are dedicated role-players who have provided Lumaria with a culture and history all their own that is so rich in its detail that there is not enough space here to adequately describe it all.

In addition to the known races of Britannia (predominantly human), Lumaria consists of two races which citizens are free to role-play...the Lumi and the Nahadrakeen. The Lumi are elf-like and strongly resemble the High Elves, who might be related to them in some way. The Nahadrakeen are a race of mountain dwarves.

According to legend, the Lumarians once prospered in the grand city of Luminate. The location of Luminate is matter of much speculation, since few records exist. Some say that Luminate was built on far off Dagger Isle, others say that Vesper rose from the city’s ruins. In any case, a Nahadraken named Hawkwing, for reasons lost to history, hired soldiers from Lord Blackthorn’s Chaos Guard to invade Luminate. A bloody civil war between Lumi and Nahadrakeen ensued, and many of the Lumi people were sought out, hunted down, and killed. Hawkwing had an eye for Lumi women, and did later marry one by the name of Lealani. Lealani bore a son named Galen, although Hawkwing was not the father, and Galen became the founder of Lumaria.

Galen was Lumaria’s first leader, carrying the title of Sara Ohm, and the town prospered under his rule. However, one day Galen vanished. A man named Samuel claimed that Galen was slain by Orcs and that he found the corpse. This would appear to be the case since Samuel had Galen’s keys and thus, access to all the town’s buildings. Samuel ransacked the town during the night, and soon after, Galen’s houses fell down due to lack of upkeep. ‘Twas a dark time for the town.

However, Galen’s good friend Kvarno Goldeneye, along with several fellow Lumarians, stepped forward and established Lumaria’s first Town Council, restoring order to the town. The Nahadrakeen formed an offshoot city, Mordor, near Minoc.

Today, Lumaria consists of approximately 15 public buildings, to include a multi-purpose tower that serves as a combination tavern, market, and town hall. The town has been blessed by the unnamed ones with a new bridge, taking the place of one created from boats which long provided easy access across the river. West Lumaria has recently sprouted on the opposite side of the river. Clearly, Lumaria is in a state of growth and prosperity.

The role-playing I have seen in Lumaria is second to none. The Lumarians have a language all their own, much like Dark Elf Nation, and use it frequently. Their city is hospitable, friendly, and open to all, and the citizens there welcome role-playing and frequently do their own player run quests. If you are looking for a good place to role-play, or would just like to visit and enjoy their history, culture, and hospitality, than you can’t go too far wrong by visiting Lumaria, Town of Sacrifice.

You can visit the Lumaria web page here.

Fairhaven Village, The Heart of the Deep Forest
Fairhaven Village is a small community of craftsmen and adventurers located near the Yew Moongate on the Trammel facet. Silkon, the mayor and founder of Fairhaven Village, was a citizen of the Kingdom of Dawn, until the Great War that devastated Felucca. After he crossed over into Trammel, Silkon settled in a small clearing and opened the Fairhaven Market, with this first building established, he began the process of reaching out to his neighbors to form a community. Slowly, the village grew to include twelve buildings. When asked to describe the village, Silkon said "we are all family and friends or as close as you can get to it"

 During my visit I saw smiths and other villagers going about their lives. The folk of the village seek to uphold Lord British's virtues. Among the virtues Honesty is held most sacred and hard work is encouraged in Fairhaven Village.

 1. Fat Horse Tavern
 2. Rune Library
 3. Stables
 4. Market
 5. Community Center
 6. Armory
 7. Lodge
 8. Arcane Institute
 9. Warrior School
10. Twilight Traders
11. Bath House and
      Fletcher Shop
12. AoV Embassy
13. Party Center
14. Inn (Burned in a tragic fire)

Visit Fairhaven Village

The Tomb of Oun'Mordrith
Long ago, according to, Morivoshi, of the dark priesthood. Oun'Mordrith shaped and created the world according to his will. Over time, the people of the land became forgetful of Oun'mordrith's great work and sacrifice... the creation of Sosaria itself. In his rage, the Dark God began to destroy Sosaria releasing the forces of chaos, despair and suffering upon mankind.

To mark the sacred place where Oun'Mordrith first emerged from chaos and began to weave Sosaria a shrine was built at  143'10'S/21'10'E. Here the idol of Oun'Mordrith basks in a radiant pool of blood and gore. The loyal dark priests make grisly offerings to their God and contemplate his mysteries.

At a second temple located at 66'S 0'S/ 31' 59'E, the priests house relics of Oun'Mordrith and venerate his teachings. These dark priests seem to be deeply affected by their deity and have been driven mad by his influence. Kan Ku, a necromantic priest of the order said "the temple is still under construction". To find out more about the Priesthood of Oun'Mordrith, contact: Kan Ku through ICQ at 40776323.

The Society of Gypsies
Just south of the dungeon Wrong, at 102o28'N 42o36'E ye will find an ancient stone tower festooned with roses and beautiful things; this is the home of the mysterious Gypsy Queen Syrann and her clan of gypsies.

These good hearted folk often enjoy sparring, hunting, and storytelling with one another. Zandor Xavier said, "we welcome anyone of good intentions". The gypsies embrace one another as family, a misfortune shared by one is felt by all. Those who come to the gypsies for help are treated with respect and kindness. Often the ghosts of fallen warriors drift down from the Dungeon Wrong and receive resurrection.

Queen Syrann said "We are who we are. Together we are everything…and nothing. A close family who enjoy many things, especially each other’s company. That is our common interest…otherwise we’re very individualistic. There are mischief makers, tricksters/pranksters, warriors, mages, wanderers, craftsmen, treasure seekers, wealth seekers, companions, helpers, teachers, lovers…the list goes on and on. To us, we’re nothing special…we are Gypsies. We follow our own laws, rules, and restrictions. Our loyalties are fierce, as are our grudges. We’re liked and disliked…loved and hated…dependable and care free. We enjoy who we are. Why would that draw the attention of a gadji (non-gypsy)? "I’m proud of who we are and what we stand for."

The gypsy folk are also well known for their plots and adventures which can be viewed on The Society of Gypsies Website, you can also find more information on the Society of Gypsies on the Ethereal Vortex.

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