Player Run Establishments

Edinburgh on Catskills

Welcome all to the friendly Village of Edinburgh, a town of artisans, miners, fishermen and woodsmen located in the Wrong Valley, close by the Dungeon of Wrong. Here the simple people of the village ply their trades. Miners delve daily to claim the riches of the mountains; woodsmen hew at the mighty forests that surround the village. Smiths work the ingots the miners provide into weapons and armor of the finest quality, carpenters shape the hardwoods of the valley into furniture and add-ons, bowyers craft the tools of the archer and fishermen harvest the bounty of the seas.

The discerning shopper will find every type of item available from the village’s legion of vendors. Those looking for a draught of ale and an evening of tales and lively conversation will find both in the Whispering Pines Tavern. The doughty warriors of the of Edinburgh provide protection for both residents and visitors to the village, making sure all dangers are swiftly cleared away.

The original settlers to the region were Celts from the highlands of Alba who named their town after the capital city of that far land. Attracted by its rich resources, the region is now home to peoples from every region and clime of fair Brittainnia. All folk of Sosaria are welcome in the Village of Edinburgh and are urged to visit with us and take part in the many activities and events sponsored by the guilds that call the Wrong Valley home.

We look to see you soon in the friendly Village of Edinburgh.