Player Run Establishments

Tall Tale Tavern on Chesapeake

Last visited by Zerver - Oct 20 98

The Tall Tale Tavern is located in the City of Paxlair.

Pax Lair is located a long ways East of Yew, North of Britain, or round about from Cove. But it is not far from a road which helps in finding it.

Drinks were quite cheap (only 1gp for milk or ale). I did not have time to check out all of the vendors due to EXTREME lag from myself to the Servers. Don't take that as a problem, the others around me were not suffering.

The bartender and owner of the Tavern was Braxis Drexler. He served and kept the conversations going the entire time.

I have not seen the owner since my first visit, but there is now a vendor in the Tavern, and it was stocked.

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