Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 15th Edition

Welcome to the 15th Super Stratics Sunday. Wow it sure has been busy since the last episode. Events galore some player run and some not.

If you have an establishment, a guild, or a news item you would like featured in a Super Stratics Sunday, a silly story based on in-game events, an idea for an article, or an event whether it takes place in fel or in tram then please send it over to [email protected] or PM me

Another trip round Luna this week to continue our tour of all the shops based there.

First up this week is Danish Pride owned by Grant Hill selling mainly resources.



Next up is Satans Hollow owned by Underlord. Selling artefacts and weapons.

Finally this week we have “The Danish Vendor Team” just next to the west exit. Owned by Hermione. Selling mainly rares.


  • No Five on Friday this week, instead we were treated to a message from Tim “Draconi” Cotten and Cal Crowner Check those out
    Cal Crowner


  • This week the residents of Europa took part in an event organised by Paidric of HLP. The Feluccan Trade Caravan. The evening was a huge success. Check out the offical report Here


  • Also this week was the Europa Emporium [E-E] Auction. Look out for details of when the next one is.

Events next week,

  • I expect that the events in Moonglow will be moving forward with some new surprises for us all to face. So look out for any signs that might indicate changes.
  • The Rusty Dagger Ale House is on TONIGHT. Its open every Sunday from 8pm to 9.30pm.
  • As always, Swaggers Inn, The Trinsic Rose and The Kings Deer Tavern are all open in the evenings ALL WEEK!


This weeks screenshot comes from the early stages of the Magincia event when everyone was eagerly awaiting new spawn at the moongate